What is Chinese Lunar New Year?

Do you know what is Lunar New Year? This celebration is to celebrate the end of Autumn and the beginning of Spring season. Lunar New Year is commonly known as Chinese New Year or Chinese Lunar New Year. Lunar? Chinese? Yeah. The calender system based on lunar rotation (moon) instead of the sun rotation in the Gregorian calender. Actually, not only Chinese descendent who celebrate Lunar New Year, many other nationality celebrate too with different time. Is only Chinese celebrate Lunar New Year? China is the place where great dynasties begun. As a melting pot and rich culture kingdom from a dynasty to other dynasties in the past, Central Kingdom (China) has so many cultures, arts, inventions, musics, philosophies from Han ethnic groups or other ethnic groups. With the strong power and influences, the neighbor kingdom adopt (Han) Chinese culture and customize it. Nowadays, these kingdoms become independent countries such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam beside China. Koreans and Vietnamese do cel

The Places You Have To Visit In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia!

Well, if you go to Kuala Lumpur. Don't forget to visit the must-visit places in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, guys! Suria KLCC Park Petronas Twin Towers are still in the same complex as Suria KLCC The Suria KLCC complex is located around the Petronas Twin Towers. In this park, you can enjoy the beautiful colorful lights in the fountain pool. If you want to go to the front of the tower, you can enter Suria KLCC Mall first then exit to the mall's main door and walk out to the front of the park with a water pool. This is usually where the Petronas tower will be photographed perfectly in your camera. Petronas Twin Towers The Petronas Twin Towers are the most must-visit destinations while in Kuala Lumpur. If you don't take a photo in front of the twin towers, it feels like something is missing, it's the same as not going to Kuala Lumpur hehehe. You can visit this place in the morning or evening. In my opinion, at night it is more beautiful because almost the entire tower emits a b

Welcome To English Version!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new English version of the blog whose main blog is in Indonesian. The reason behind it is to let you guys read my blog articles without doing any effort to translate it with Google Translate widget anymore. With this English version, I hope to reach wider audience and readers. Hopefully we can share knowledge to each other about everything such as about traveling, food, tech, blogging tutorials and much more. There is nothing more to say. I hope you enjoy my articles. Thank you! Salam Kece 🤘🏻 P.s : and I will posting about "how to make subdomain on Blogger (Blogspot)" like what I did for this English blog from Sabikigake main blog, as you guys are curious about that, hehe.